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May 2020

As we continue to stay at home as much as possible, creating a space that is both comforting and joyful is more important than ever.

For this month's Letter From My Studio I have decided to do a Cushion Edit to share my favourite pieces that I hope will bring some colour and fun into the home.

Whether arranged on a bed, placed along a sofa or laid on outdoor furniture, our cushions add style and comfort to all areas of the home.

Keep safe and well.

Love, Issy x

Poem of the Month
These Days by Issy Granger

Some days are fun days
And some days are not
Some days in the sun’s haze we laugh and we play
While some days run from one day to the next day
As Mondays become Thursdays without a noticeable stop

Some days are quiet days
When the whole world is just us
And some days in someways that’s comfort to us.
Then some days usually on Sundays
We reflect on the week that has past
We wonder how long it will last
And if one day they’ll be some day when this all seems far away

Some days we sit outside and listen to the birds
These days they’re singing louder or maybe is just that now they can be heard
Some days in someways we wonder if life is better than before
But some days our hearts are filled with lonely longing for life before this silent war

Some days are fun days
And some days are not
Some days we’re scared of the future unknown
These days are those days when we feel all alone
Yet somehow as each one of us is living behind a shut door
In someways we’re closer to one another than we’ve ever been before